What if I am going to arrive late?-

For those who are arriving after regular business hours, we have a file box titled "Maps" located at the front of the office (on the bench to the right). You can find your map using your last name and navigate to your site. You may check in the following day.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?-

Customers may cancel their reservation 48 hours prior to arrival to receive a full refund.

For Late Cancellations: One night deposit is forfeited, the remainder of the             reservation will be cancelled.

How about departing early?-

If you need to depart prior to your scheduled check-out date, you may be eligible  for a partial refund. Please contact us for further information.

What is does the Site Lock button mean?-

This function is used for booking a specific site number and does not apply to site type, which is guaranteed when booking. In order to request a specific site, a $15 fee applies upon booking. If you do not lock your site, your site number is subject to change.

What if we have more than two adults? What about the kids?-

If you have more than 2 adults in your party, this must be indicated on your reservation. A $3 fee applies for each additional guest, beyond 2 adults. Kids always stay for free!

Do you have WiFi?-

We do NOT offer WiFi to each individual site in the park. However, WiFi is available at the front office 24/7. Additionally, network and password information are posted at the front office. We welcome you to come down to the office and enjoy some fresh air while using your devices!

Can I bring my pet(s)?-

Pets of all kinds are welcome at the park! We just ask that you keep them leashed and pick up after them.